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The Tamiel'im.

The world needs emotion, love, hatred and passion. This is the gift the children of Tamiel give to the world, in ways it may never come to realize. Watch the singer’s performance as she mesmerizes the crowd. See the actress adored as she walks before the crowd. The poet’s tone, the muse’s song, the bard’s soft voice. This is the Goety of the Estate of Tamiel.

The ben-Tamiel have changed little in their ways over the centuries. They still relish being the center of all attention, some might even say they live for and crave it, taking great pains to be the talk of the town whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Throughout time, they have controlled powerful kings and emperors with sultry words and passionate charms. They’ve earned themselves a place in history as some of the greatest enchanters and manipulators. They have created, and sometimes even destroyed, entire nations and empires at a whim. What sense is there to the light of reason, when emotions can burn like the sun?

In the past, the children of Tamiel strove to enchant the world, to entertain, shape and charm its dull masses from the hardships of everyday life; they are the great speakers of the ages. In the ancient stories of Greece, tales of the wily and provocative charms of the ben-Tamiel were made legend. Thousands upon thousands flocked to them, adored them, and sometimes deified them. It led to a self-indulgent attitude, bordering on narcissism, and they may possibly even be responsible in some part for the fall of many ancient empires.

Many have evidently been there, but those of whom stay either find a personal heaven, or hell. In all truth, the city has become a veritable cesspool of vipers and social intrigue where allegiances change on a daily basis. One would do well to know their role and limitations, for those who do not tend to disappear easily in the city of Angels.

The Estate is loosely structured, but of late has become rigidly controlled by the few ancients who have remained in power. Younger generations bow to the whims of these public idols, who play no small part in deciding who is fashionable and who is not. Those who fall in their ill graces, quickly find that immortality is a lonely ordeal when no one will look at you twice. Call it a form of dictatorship, maybe even oppression, but it seems to be working and it keeps the peace within the Estate itself. Most importantly, it keeps the younger generations in line.

Relationships are a focal point for the ben-Tamiel, they always have been. Be it with mortals, family, friends, lovers or other immortals. Although they know that eventually time or Tamiel’s curse will tear those they love away, it does not mean that they do not cherish them deeply. Of all the Estates, the ben-Tamiel probably feel more passionately for the people they befriend, and feel their loss the deepest.

Families of the ben-Tamiel lineage are recognized as having some of the oldest family ties amongst all the Estates. As a matter of fact the ‘Anakim’ family traces its ancestry to Tamiel’s first son Anak who in the time of the flood lived in the city of Qiryat Arba in what is now known as southern Judea. The city was apparently named for one of Anak’s sons, Arba, who in turn had three sons, Ahiman, Sheishai & Talmai who eventually formed their own families. It is unknown if all of these “Anakim” survived the flood, but their families did and they remain deeply influential forces in the world.

The children of Tamiel are well aware that most of the other Estates see them as nothing more than superficial, shallow and arrogant. This suits their purpose well, for if they were anything else they would surely attract anything but indifference, and the children of Tamiel know better than to attract the wrong attention.

The ben-Tamiel are an attractive and charismatic Estate. Their haunting voices are well known and sought after. They are also stylish, talented and adept socialites. They are always the center of all attention, whether present or not. They pride themselves in their social grace and proper etiquette, regardless of their surroundings. Most of all, they pride themselves in being adored and crave attention as a desert craves water.

The ben-Tamiel may appear to be some of the most self-centered, egotistical, arrogant and shallow individuals the immortal world has ever known, but when moved to act they give without thought or consequence to self and have shown compassion that would make any ben-Hiyyah think twice. They will rally if the cause is right, as long as they don’t have to dirty their hands too much.

Ben-Tamiel may be of any social class and although a large majority do herald from upper class nobility, some come from middle to lower-class families as well. Although there are no social boundaries within the Estate itself, the mortal world is one of structure and is often enough mirrored in the social habits of the Estate’s individual ‘familia’. Socially orientated persona are common, with emphasis on politeness, proper etiquette and social grace, but of course a sharp wit is always a good tool. Many will take on some oral art form or another, although not a prerequisite seeing as some do lavish in being fruggal social dilettantes and political behind-the-scenes puppet masters. It is a well known fact that any society all have a love for musicians, performers and  Entertainers and this is most commonly where one will find this Estate’s members.

The ben-Tamiel begin the game with 5 Redemption and 4 Sin points. This is to reflect the devotion that is inherent to the children of Tamiel; an absolute devotion to all things and people they love, but it also reflects their own vanity and indulgences.

The Tutelage:

Young ben-Tamiel are expected to be socially well-versed already, thus their tutelage is less of an apprenticeship and more of a test. During this period of time, the young “protege” are expected to be on their best behavior, as their actions will not only reflect on future possibilities but on the image of their warder as well. The Rite of Rebirth typically takes the form of a gala in their name, with all local ‘familia’  who are worthy of note present. During the evening, the young debutantes will be given the chance to woo and charm the people in attendance with all of their skills, all the while entertaining their other “guests”. This is not as simple a task as it seems. One must be fully versed in all social cultures of those present and be ready to accommodate the whims of those said people.

At the end of the socially grueling evening, the young initiate will either receive praise from all, or be broken by their bad comments. With the ben-Tamiel it is not a matter of accepting the offer of the elders to be part of the Estate, rather it's a situation of proving your wits and worth to them. Not an easy feat, considering that most elders have already “seen it all before”.

The Goety of Tamiel:

Tamiel was said to have a voice sweeter than honeysuckle and softer than any silk. With but a word, a whisper, he was said to lull entire crowds, or raise armies to war and this is his gift to his children. Those who are versed in this Goety can sense emotions as well as intentions and even inspire them in others. At greater levels of competence, they have been known to do this to crowds of people. Some even say that they are even able to instill permanent emotional bonds in individuals of their choosing.

Additionally, being innately charismatic, the children of Tamiel are endowed with a minor Goety of natural grace and physical beauty that transcends normal parameters. Some refer to this as a sort of “je ne sais quoi” that permeates all of this Estate. All social-based rolls receive a +1 bonus to their difficulty for each dot in their minor Virtue. They also benefit from a +1 bonus to the difficulty on all rolls that include the use of their physical Comeliness.

Tamiel’s Curse:

The ben-Tamiel seem to have everything a socialite could ever want or need; poise, charm, charisma, talent and beauty. Everything, except love. No matter what they do, they are doomed to suffer the loss of everyone they hold dear either by circumstance, abuse, treachery or death. The source is irrelevant for the end is always the same. If they were but to avoid love it would simplify all of this, but they yearn for it and suffer terrible torments without love or affection. However, once involved, they give themselves wholeheartedly to the endeavor, regardless of the price that they know they will eventually pay. They are the perpetual tragic victims of lost love.

Consider the ben-Tamiel to deteriorate into a severe depression when not involved with someone they love. This will reflect as a difficulty penalty equal to their age penalty modifier on all rolls for as long as they go uninvolved in an emotionally charged relationship.

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