Genesis 6:4-14

   "...the Nephal were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God went to the daughters of man and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown..."


They are in the ancient texts...

   "... because they are born from men and the holy watchers in their beginning and primal origin, they shall be evil spirits, and evil spirits shall they be called... and the spirit of these giants shall afflict, oppress, destroy, attack and make war and destruction on the Earth. They shall take no food, but hunger and thirst and do great offenses. They shall rise up against the children of men, from which they have proceeded..." 

Extract from the Book of Enoch.   

Numbers 13:33
   "And there we saw the Nephal (the sons of Anak, who come from the Nephal), and we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.”


   You who read this, know that which you read is forbidden, arcane lore that was never meant for mortal eyes. I have gathered it secretly, covetously, drawing together ancient scrolls and texts over the centuries, mingling them with my own writings to form this tome. I have done this for many reasons, none that should matter to you, only to me. The consequences will however be evident, for if you are reading this, then my own have come to know this book as well. They will come for me, and I shall be punished, severely.

Take this information and learn from it what you can, but know that not all of us are taken by the darkness within. Some of us still believe that we can and will benefit humanity in some way, that we can still be the shepherds that we were meant to be. Some of us are still our brother’s keepers.





   Sins of Redemption began as a role playing game of personal revelation and the decision we make. It has since evolved into a concept package that spans multiple media. But at its core, it remains a game of storytelling and character development. During the course of the game, players take on the roles of fictional immortal characters called Nephal, locked in a race against time for their own redemption and possibly the fate of something greater. Sins of Redemption is not a game that deals with fantastical supernatural demi-gods or indestructible heroes. Rather, it deals with themes and contents of a mature and very real nature. Love and hatred, pain and joy, life and death as well as the paths that lead us throughout our everyday lives. Although there are supernatural, and sometimes fantastical aspects to this game, the true focus is redemption, and one’s fall from grace.

   Do you dare accept your fate and walk the path of the Nephal?



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SoR -Chapter 1 Watermarked_Page_1

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SoR -Chapter 1 Watermarked_Page_2

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SoR -Chapter 1 Watermarked_Page_8

SoR -Chapter 1 Watermarked_Page_1
SoR -Chapter 1 Watermarked_Page_1


   A Pen & Paper Role Playing Game (RPG) of redemption, sin and the weight of what you are willing to do to achieve salvation. Sins of Redemption invites players to explore the nature of good, evil and what it would be like to really be an immortal.
(currently in Development)

   An accompanying world Encyclopedia to allow players to delve deep into the world of Sins of Redemption by examining its history, cultures and environments. Players of Sins of Redemption will be able to better situate their own story chapters and story plots with this guide to the Storyteller's world. This guidebook will encompass a history arch covering seven millennia, a world Atlas, details on Religions, Ideologies and Philosophies as well as chapters on Technology, Magiks and Denizens. Everything a player group will need to truly immerse themselves into the world of the immortal Nepahl. 
(currently in Development)


​   A series of short stories gathered together in a novella format. 'Stories of the Immortals' is meant to expose the history of the Nephal through the personal lens of those who lived it. Tales will span the seven millennia since their arrival, from the heroic first age, through the time of chaos and then the modern age. Seen through the eyes of mortals and immortals alike, readers will experience various ages as saviors, heroes, slaves and monsters alike.
(currently in Development)

Stage 4:

   A TV/Web-series based in the modern world spanning several seasons. Sins of Redemption delves into the power-plays, machinations & secrets that shroud the immortals of DC City. Enter the world of immortals and discover what horrible evil is about to be unleashed. 
(currently in Development)

Stage 5:

   A Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, spanning several areas, ages and events. The game concept allows for player's to run an economy, develop technologies and have their actions directly affect the environment. 
(currently in concept stage only)