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Explore the World of Sins of Redemption.
Discover seven millennia of rich and complex history. Read on how the immortals have secretly shaped the cultures, beliefs and practices of mankind. Delve into a vibrant world, with entire continents yet explored and filled with terrible wonders.

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Sins of Redemption the RPG. 
A Role Playing Game of personal revelation where players take on the roles of fictional immortal characters, locked in a race against time for their own redemption & possibly the fate of something greater. 

Are you an Immortal?
Take the Tests and find out! 
See what Estate and Bloodline you might belong to.
Are you one of the fallen, the cursed, or a mortal kith? 

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The Sins of Redemption  series and related novella.
Indulge in the deeply nuanced stories of the Nephal, their loves, secrets and fears. Step into the shadowy world of the immortals and discover that they are as flawed as any of us.

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Sins of Redemption

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