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Sins of Redemption

Everything has a soul &  without that Essence there would be only darkness, a world bereft of joy and meaning. 

INSTRUCTIONS: You will need a pen and paper in order to track your score.
1. Create five entries titled Options A, B, C, D & E.
2. Each time you answer a question, place a counter next to the option of your choosing. 
3. At the end of the survey, click on the option that you align the most with. This will reveal your Estate.

Shall we begin?

1. What would you prefer others to say of you?
Option A: That I Achieved much.
Option B: That I had much Knowledge.
Option C: That I gained much Power.
Option D: That I was Loved.
Option E. That I was Enlightened.

2. By what means do you achieve your goals?
Option A: With Determination.
Option B: With a well-Planned approach.
Option C: Through Dominance.
Option D: Through Control.
Option E: Through Knowledge.

3. What are secrets to you?
Option A: A means to Control Others.
Option B: They are lost Knowledge.
Option C: Secrets are nothing but Lies.
Option D: Secrets are born of hidden emotions.
Option E: Secrets are created to feed Desires.

4. What qualities should a leader have?
Option A: Good Communication Skills.
Option B: An understanding of the importance of Freedoms.
Option C: They should be ruthless.
Option D: They should understand emotions.
Option E: They should have inner strength.

5. How important is family to you?
Option A: Family is critical. They are the only people you can trust, from birth to death.
Option B: Family is important. They are the foundation for a balanced life.
Option C: Not at all. Who needs family? Other than the biological attachment, what can they possibly do for you?
Option D: Family is critical. They are the only people you can trust, from birth to death.
Option E. Family is critical. They are the only people you can trust, from birth to death.

6. What would be the worst flaw to have?
Option A: A lack of willpower.
Option B: To be a murderer.
Option C: To be Afraid.
Option D: To be Powerless.
Option E. To rely only on power.

7. When dealing with others to get what you want, you rely on?
Option A: Words and discourse.
Option B: The secrets they keep.
Option C: Their deepest fears.
Option D: A subtle dominance over them.
Option E. Their innate desires & curiosities.

8. What would you say was history's greatest gift?
Option A: The Empires we have built.
Option B: The history of what happened.
Option C: The outsiders who dared.
Option D: The creativity we have displayed.
Option E. The spirituality we have achieved.

9. What lifestyle would you see yourself achieving?
Option A: A life of successes and achievements.
Option B: A life of reclusiveness & contemplation.
Option C: A life separate from everyone and of my own.
Option D: A life divorced of the troubles of the world.
Option E. A life filled with excess and indulgence.

10. What do you perceive the world needs most now?
Option A: It needs more laws and order.
Option B: To return to the ancient ways.
Option C: A starker, more frightening reality, not this coddled lie.
Option D: A closer knit society and global community.
Option E. More control over itself.

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